• An Agile Private Market Platform


    JASPY connects people, intelligence &
    productivity through a technology platform that simplifies the tech stack, customizes data and is designed to make management of private placement companies and investments faster, easier and more efficient.

  • Institutional Market Intelligence and Management for Corporates and Retail.

    JASPY is a breakthrough tech-enabled intelligence platform a single spot for engagement, data and productivity specially designed for businesses, institutions and retail. It’s simple to use, and right sized for your business now and flexible to grow as your business demands change. Powerful data, analysis, productivity and reporting paired with special modules for program, investment and LP management.

    JASPY Intelligence

    By Company, By Program


    Get started. Tap into our database of 27M private organizations. Or add your own.


    JASPY creates your secure "Meet Up" for your ecosystem to analyze, collaborate, decision, transact & report.

    JASPY Productivity

    Simplify Daily Tasks


    Integrate your Favorite Technologies

    JASPY workflow & pipeline management, documents, calendar, messaging, notetaking & collaboration integrated with Microsoft & Google.
    Real-time analysis & comprehensive reporting by fund, program or business.

    JASPY Services

    Let JASPY Work for You


    Professional and Technology Services: Onboard, train and migrate existing data. Custom modules for companies, funds or programs. Add vertical or market-specific data sources & APIs.


    Intelligent Services: Access to domain expert network for 30-60 minute "phone a friend" calls. "First Look" vetting of companies based upon corporate directives.

  • JASPY is for Future-Forward
    Innovators & Investors

    For Mid-Market Corporates, Institutions, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Family Offices,
    Government Entities and Private & Early-Stage Company Leaders / Founders
    With no cost access for private & early-stage company leaders & your outside counsel
    So that identifying, evaluating, engaging, transacting, managing & reporting
    on private company & early-stage innovation & investment can be done in 1 system 

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